TO PAINT OR NOT TO PAINT - french country cupboard

Many people go through the struggle of whether
they should paint wood furniture or not. I do
struggle sometimes with the decision as well.

I have had many pieces of beautiful wood furniture
that I have re-home because they didn't fit in here.
This dresser and cabinet to the left have been 
with me for several years enjoyed as is but I have
wanted to paint them for awhile now. It just took
some time for me to jump in with both feet.

The color I used on the base cabinet is AS Pure White mixed with a little Arles, an
earthy yellow color. I brush painted the base cabinet using one of Annie's big round brushes.

Those big brushes hold a lot of paint and once the base was finished I dry brushed
the remnants of paint left in the brush, on to the upper cabinet.



Old three drawer dressers like always look great with a pretty paper lining the drawers.
The paper I used here is a heavy vintage wall paper probably from the 80's.
I scourer through thrift stores looking for vintage wall paper to added to my collection.
In this case I did not secured to the paper in the drawer but rather cut each piece much 
larger then the drawer bottom and folded it to fit, making it feel more pillowy and soft.

This dresser had a lot of damage when I got it and over time I repaired and rebuilt all the issues.
I couldn't be prouder of this PROJECT and I adore how it turned out, very french countryside.


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